What are Tom’s 5 most recent recordings?
Boat In The Water (Pax Records, 2017)
Redemption Road (Pax Records, 2015)
Comedians & Angels (Appleseed, 2008)
Live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop [live] (Shout Factory, 2006)
Live in the UK [live] (Pax Records, 2005)
Current album releases available in the online store.

Does Tom ever teach songwriting?
Tom does occasional workshops on songwriting and will be on staff at the Swannanoa Gathering in 2017 at Warren Wilson College outside of Asheville, NC for Contemporary Folk Week.

How would I reach Tom about booking a concert or a private event?
All of Tom’s performances go through his agents, Fleming Artists in Ann Arbor Michigan, 734-995-9066 (jim@flemingartists.com).

Who represents Tom for dates in Europe?
For all dates in the UK, Ireland and Europe, Tom is represented by Cole Musical
Productions, 08 Place, 36/38 Whitechapel, Liverpool L1 6DZ, UK 44-(0)151-708-6050, (chascole@cmpentertainment.com).

How can I find Tom’s tour dates?
On the home page, click on ‘Performances.’

How about getting on the email list for the latest news?
On the right side of each page look for ‘Mailing list’ and sign up!

Are any of Tom’s children’s books available?
Those that are available can be found at amazon.com. There are plans afoot to make some of Tom’s 14 children’s books available once again on the web site and there will be an announcement soon about exciting new plans.

How can I find some of Tom’s earliest recordings, i.e., the Elektra recordings?
Good news! They are all now available from this web site. They are: Ramblin’ Boy
(1964); Ain’t That News? (1965); Outward Bound ( 1966); Morning Again (1967); The Things I Notice Now (1968); Tom Paxton 6 (1969); The Compleat Tom Paxton (1970) is not yet available.

I know there is a Martin Tom Paxton signature guitar. Is that what he’s playing?
Yes, it is. Tom plays the HD40-LSH guitar made for him by Martin. On it he is using Martin FX flexible core phosphor bronze medium gauge strings. He uses John Pearce flat and thumb picks.